Frank Williams in AustraliaBiography

Street Luge:

I started street luging in 1999 after watching it on the X-games at the age of 16. I have always been a fan of automotive racing and skateboarding and it looked like the ultimate combination of the two. Back when the internet was relatively new I scoured websites looking for as much information I could find. I eventually found the book The Street Luge Survival Guide by Darren Lott.

I built my first luge out of plywood and 2x4's with trucks and wheels repurposed from one of my skateboards. Over time I upgraded the luge with wider trucks, bigger wheels and better bearings. I rode this board for quite some time until I commissioned a custom built Subterfuge Body Rocket in 2001.

Between '02 and '10 I rode off and on. In 2010 after a life changing event I rekindled my love for the sport and started riding more regularly; branching out into classic luge. I cut my first classic luge, based on the Lott Classic design, out of 3/4 inch plywood. At first I hated it: my legs hurt from trying to keep them up all the time, my abs and neck hurt from trying to keep my head up. But I decided to keep riding it because it was lighter and easier to carry to the top of the hill and I figured it would help improve my conditioning for street luge. Eventually it became my primary ride and I excelled at racing the class.

In 2011 I attended the Maryhill Festival of Speed, this sparked my competitive career. In my first race I made the final in the Classic Luge class and was more than hooked. I immediately signed up for any race I could attend: Winsport Canada, P.E.C. Gravity Fest, Bonelli. At WinSport Canada, my 2nd race, I got my first podium (2nd place) and was the Top Qualifier. In 2012 I decided to travel internationally, my first stop was Australia.

In my first race of 2012 I won the Classic Luge class at the Mt. Keira Downhill Challenge; this was the start to a dominating season through 4 continents culminating in becoming the 2012 IGSA Classic Luge World Series Champion.

My 2013 was a bit more relaxed; fewer races and fewer long trips, but it culminated in being crowned the 2013 IGSA Street Luge and Classic Luge World Series Champion.

Other Hobbies:

I am an avid Radio Control enthusiast and have been since further back than I can remember. My main focus is on planes and helicopters, but I do enjoy cars and boats. I first got in to radio controlled airplanes when I was about six; my mother and I happened to stumble upon a flying field in the midst of a road trip. i had always been fascinated with planes, and being able to pilot my own was a dream come true. It wasn't until I was about 12 when I got my first RC plane: a Global Superfly ARF. It was powered by a small fuel (gas) engine. I learned how to fly with the help of some of the instructors at a not-so-local flying field in St. Helens, Oregon. Since then I have been improving my flying and building skills and have branched in to helicopters. I am a decent aerobatics pilot, but also love flying scale airplanes. I fly with the Clark County Radio Control Society and feel it's the best field in the area.

I also enjoy skateboarding, even though I can't do an Ollie to save my life. I enjoy riding downhill as well as pushing around town. It's a combination of transportation and fun that's hard to beat.

Mountain Biking has also played a large roll in my life. The thrill of riding over rough terrain, jumping over logs and powering through trails is so mind-clearing.